Agenda for Worker Justice Action Academy Session III–Let’s Get Organized!

9am-9:30am Registration
9:30am-10:45am Opening Plenary—Stories from the Front Lines: Resistance in Ferguson
11am-12:15Workshop Block I Facilitating Meetings:

Share stories, tactics, and tools from your past facilitation experiences. Troubleshoot your gnarliest facilitation challenges with experienced peers. Be visited by the facilitation fairy, who will bestow gifts of insight into the secret lives of groups! Gain access to follow-up resources for facilitators.

Online Communications–Online communication has never been a more powerful tool, as more and more people use social media outlets as their primary source of news.  Social media also provides unique opportunities to mobilize your base by telling your story your way, unmediated by traditional journalists.  This training will explore how to build strong narratives and voices through online communication.  We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of different online outlets, how to build a social media strategy for different events and campaigns, and practical nuts and bolts tips for winning the Internet. One on One Conversations: Basics of a one-on-one meeting to engage and move people to action
12:15-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-2:45pmWorkshop Block II Getting Together–An overview of different organizational models and structures. Putting Boots on the Ground: Turning out activists for an action, developing turnout plans, connecting activists with our struggle, and engaging allies and coalition partners Developing Leadership: Moving activists and moving ourselves to deepen our commitment and take leadership roles, being deliberate about building skills, and taking advantage of opportunities to grow
3pm-4:15pmWorkshop Block III Building the Infrastructure to Fight Back: Why and how can we work together to set up cross movement infrastructures like organizing hubs, campaign kitchens, and legal support structures. Stepping it Up: Planning for and making use of surges in resources created by movement moments, developing events, or deliberate blitzes In it for the long haul—Building a powerful movement for social and economic justice depends on activists who commit to make the struggle part of their lives together. Movements need people who take care of themselves and others, seek learning and renewal, resolve conflicts, and collaborate effectively. This workshop will draw on the experiences of “long distance runners” and offer ways to make a sustainable and lasting contribution to the movement..
4:15pm-5pm Closing Plenary: Learning Together, Growing Together 

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