Worker Justice Action Academy

Saturday, March 21st at 9 AM
Grayson Community Center
1852 Enoch Street, Pittsburgh PA

Join us for the 4th iteration of the Worker Justice Action Academy! We’ve spent the first three building our knowledge and skills to get organized and plan actions. This next WOJAA is geared towards horizontal movement building. There are lots of amazing organizing efforts happening in our region that are tied to national and global struggles. We have active campaigns for low-wage workers, human rights, police accountability, environmental justice, education justice, etc.

WOJAA 4.0: Let’s Step It Up will provide a space for education and collaboration. How do our struggles intersect? How can we work together towards a mass movement for social change? We aim to provide a space for these conversations and a space for action planning and coordination, leading up to actions during the last 2 weeks of April–anchored by the Fight for 15 day of action on April 15 and May Day on the 1st.

3 thoughts on “Worker Justice Action Academy

  1. Just seeing this. Will check back for next session. Definetly want to get involved; things must change.

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