Worker Justice Action Academy Session 3—Let’s Get Organized!


Saturday, December 6th 9am to 5pm
Human Services Building
One Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh PA



In the third session of the Worker Justice Action Academy we will focus on developing and deepening our core organizing skills, putting people in motion, and building strong organizations. Build up your one-on-one organizing skills, develop leaders in your organization—or become a leader in your organization, learn tools to facilitate energetic and productive meetings.

We’ll also be joined by organizers from Ferguson, Missouri who are working on the front lines of the fighting against racism and police violence and for justice for Mike Brown.

In this session we’ll explore different organizing models and traditions and deepen our skills for taking on the serious work of organizing our base, developing leaders, building coalitions and winning power for workers and communities.

Who Should Come?

You! If you’re committed to the struggle for workers’ rights and economic justice and you want to take the fight to the next level, you don’t want to miss this event.

If you’re new to the struggle, this is a great chance to build some skills and get plugged into the exciting work that’s happening in our movement. If you’re a seasoned activist, this is a great opportunity to learn some new skills and to join the conversation about how to take our movement to the next level.

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